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Sri Lankan children receive special delivery.

Special Delivery are pleased to announce their total support of children's charity, Community Childcare Centres.

One of Community Childcare Centre's projects is an after school club at the Oak Meadow Centre in Fareham, Hampshire,
The centre supports hundreds of families with young children who may be having a hard time coping.

After a talk about the effects of the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami, the 40 children attending the club decided to make a difference and adopt a children's school in the slums of Sri Lanka's capital city, Colombo.

As well as making new pen pals, the children at the Oak Meadow Centre have also raised money to help the youngsters of Shilpa Children's Home to have local workmen build new furniture for their school, as they previously had none. They now plan to raise even more money and send school equipment such as bags, pens, pencils and exercise books to help them with learning English.

School Supervisor, Alison Flake, could clearly see that the funds were better used for buying equipment, rather than paying for the air freight to Sri Lanka, and so made a charitable appeal to the UK's major transport companies.

After an outright "no" from UPS and receiving no answer back from any other companies she contacted, Alison was thrilled to get an immediate reply from Special Delivery.

"Yours was the only company that replied to me", she stated. "I am writing a news letter to all the parents and will be delighted to tell them of your company's valued support."

Special Delivery's Mike Agostini added "We firmly support environmental and humanitarian issues, so this appeal particularly pleased us as we are able to help and contribute to such a heart warming cause."

The Shilpa Children's Home is run by a trust which aims to help women and children through education training and care. It provides shelter, education and security to children in dire need as a result of conflict and poverty, but has more recently concentrated on tsunami victims. The home houses 50 girls and offers free courses to 500 unemployed local women.

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